Sacravatoons no 2128

Many workers on the project, however, did not know what "K5" stood for.[4] The K5 Plan began on the 19th July 1984[5]. It became a gigantic effort that included clearing long patches of tropical forest by felling a great number of trees, as well as slashing and uprooting tall vegetation. The purpose was to leave a continuous broad open space all along the Thai border that would be watched and mined. In practice the K5 fence consisted of a roughly 700 km-long, 500 m-wide swath of land along the border with Thailand, where antitank and antipersonnel mines were buried to a density of about 3,000 mines per kilometre of frontage.[6]”]

About sacravatoons

I'm a Political Cartoonist and draw freeonline everyday to anti any Dictatorship regimes around the world and also I'm an Human Rights Activist.
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